The University of the Holy Land is an internationally accredited, Christian-run, Bible-based, Graduate University that provides students of the Bible, like you, the opportunity to earn their Master’s or Doctoral Degree in the Land of the Bible.

We do this so students and researchers can see the lessons and history of the Bible come to life as they study among the physical, social, and cultural milieu the Bible was written in. We also do it so the students’ own faith will come to life in ways they never experienced before and equip them to share this knowledge and experience with others.



30 Years Experience

We have lived and worked with students in Israel for 30 years, and so we know what YOU want and need as an international student studying here for the first time! Let us use our experience to give you the best educational, spiritual, and personal experience you can get while in Israel.

40 Biblical Sites Visited

Love Abraham? Visit the well he dug in Beersheba. Mesmerized by God’s glory filling the Temple? Walk on the Temple Mount where the Temple stood. Wish you could have heard Jesus preach? Pray and meditate in the spots he preached with His disciples. Whatever your favorite story in the Bible, see it come to life at University of the Holy Land because the Land of the Bible is our classroom.

10 Degree Options

Every degree and program at UHL is designed to make students an expert in their chosen field! Study at UHL and gain the tools, real world experience, and knowledge needed to help you succeed in your chosen careers be it teaching, full-time ministry, writing, or research. Plus, add context to your knowledge of the Bible and be prepared to share these experiences with others and cherish them for all time.

14 Nations Represented in Student Body

UHL’s specialty is giving international students the ability to study the Bible in the Land of the Bible, where the events themselves took place. As such, we have students from around the world come to study with us. U.S.A., South Korea, Germany, Hungary, Argentina, and many more!

Christian AND Jewish Bible Professors

The next best thing to studying in the locations the Biblical events took place, is studying with Christian AND Jewish Professors. Study solidly Christian theology, beliefs, and history, yet gain the extremely valuable, unique, and often neglected perspective of our Jewish brothers and sisters.

2 Minutes from the Old City of Jerusalem

Gaze upon the walls Isaiah stood and prophesied on, pray at the Southern Steps of the Temple Jesus would have walked up, or take in the ambiance of Old City shops. Whatever you do in the Old City, you are a two minute tram ride away from UHL.

14:1 Student/Teacher Ratio

Studying the Bible in Israel is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity! Now, to get the most out of that opportunity, we intentionally keep classes small and intimate so that you can know your professors and they can know you.

Hometown of Biblical Greats!

Study at UHL and do more than just read about the Bible; LIVE in the very city heroes of the Bible such as David, Solomon, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and more called home.


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Each and every day is a special opportunity, when the Holy Land is your classroom. But even amongst those admittedly privileged circumstances, UHL takes its dedication to providing students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity a step further. And so, on top of studying among leading Jewish and Christian scholars at UHL, students benefit from UHL’s special connections with:


Happy Students
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