Time Travel

Have you ever wondered what it was really like to live in the first century?

A decade ago, the remains of a first century farm were discovered in the middle of the crowded modern town of Nazareth – sparking efforts to turn it into a time capsule of life in Nazareth as Jesus would have known it. It has been the privilege of the University of the Holy Land to lay the academic foundation for its construction, based upon archaeology and early Christian and Jewish sources.

Today Nazareth Village welcomes hundreds of visitors from around the world. It has also served as a teaching tool for students and even an inspiration for film crews, of which a notable example is the recent “Nativity Story.”


For more information on our research, click here.

For more on Nazareth Village’s influence on film, go to the “Nativity Story” website and look under “Videos” for “Featurette: Director Catherine Hardwicke.”

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