Teens Weigh in on the Lost Tomb of Jesus

Our Teenagers Michael and Shoshie wanted to express to other young people what they should know concerning the recent film in their own words:

Reasons why the conclusions of “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” are wrong

1. If Jesus of Nazareth were to have had ossuary it would be a lot nicer.

2. “Jesus of Nazareth” would be written on the ossuary.

3. Just because the DNA from the Mariame ossuary doesn’t have the same mitochondrial DNA as the DNA from the “Jesus” ossuary doesn’t mean they were married. It just means they didn’t have the same mother. The two individuals could still have had the same father (being step brother and sister) or Mariame could have been married to one of the other men in the tomb.

4. Where is the rest of the family? The fact is that not all of Jesus’ known family are in the tomb. Also the names which are there are common, occurring in most families.

5. Who are these strangers? There are names which don’t belong there like Matiya, Mariame, Mara and Yehuda.

6. If Mariame was Mary Magdalene the ossuary would say “Mariame of Magdala.”

7. There are no ancient writings that portray Jesus of Nazareth being married let alone having a son.

8. The rabbis back then allowed married people to be buried together. If this Jesus and this Mariame were married why was she buried separately?

9. The majority of writing experts now read “Mariame kai Mara” meaning “Mariame and Mara” (that is a nickname for Martha) and not “Mariamene Mara” meaning “Mariamene the Mistress.”

10. Even your average person can see that there are two hand writings on the ossuary Mariame kai Mara

11. Most of the experts in the film don’t support the conclusions of the film anymore.

12. If this really were the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth, why did it go unnoticed or forgotten and why did it not become a major pilgrimage site, with a church and so forth?

13. If the bones in the “Jesus” ossuary were of a crucified man as Jesus of Nazareth was, the bone specialists would have made a big deal out of it.

14. The Bible says that Jesus was buried in a new tomb close to the place of execution, just outside the city walls. This tomb is miles away.

When so many pieces in a theory don’t add up then something is really wrong with it.

Michael and Shoshie Pfann

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