Jerusalem – the place you could live and study the Bible, with the University of the Holy Land.

Israel – Beautiful footage from around the country.

Yes, this Is. Real. – Israel is full of beautiful history, people, culture, landscapes, and more. A beautiful and complex mixture.

UHL Students explore Biblical Geography and Archaeology as well as take courses with our sister school , Rothberg International School (exactly like the Moriah Center has it set up).

Jerusalem in 60 Seconds – It is fast, but it does give you a glimpse into our life.

An IMAX film.

Modern-day Jerusalem compared with Ancient Jerusalem.

It’s shocking how wonderful it really is here!

Study with us and you too will understand why Jesus chose to live in the Galilee with His disciples.

Get away and relax at the Dead Sea when you aren’t studying or in class. 

ISRAEL in 60 Seconds -This is fast too, but it gives you a great overview.

One of the many places you will get to see on a regular basis as a student at UHL, here in Jerusalem.

UHL students can benefit from our partnership and take classes with our sister school, Rothberg International School at Hebrew University.

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