Reconstructing the First Century

As the University of the Holy Land team began research for Nazareth Village, they developed strict criteria for evaluating the available source material. Each source received an A, B, C, D or N/A (not applicable rating) for its usefulness and reliability.

For instance:

Archaeological evidence received a higher rating, the closer the site to Nazareth itself and the closer its date to the first century.

Literary sources had to have a direct connection to the Jewish culture, the land of Israel, and the first century to score an A rating.

In order to carry the most weight, ethnographic and anthropological sources needed to be universal and in continuous use from the first century to the present.

The effort to create the atmosphere of a first-century village enriches the New Testament texts as well as Jewish texts, law and custom …”

Alan Rabinowitz, Jerusalem Post

“Given our respect for those involved, our expectations were lofty. Still, we were truly amazed at Nazareth Village’s high quality and archaeological integrity.”

President Jimmy Carter

“Nazareth Village is the only archaeologically accurate ‘recreated’ town in Israel. I couldn’t have wished for a better filming environment.”

Simcha Jacobovici, President, Associated Producers Ltd.


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