Next Year at the University of the Holy Land: Short Term Opportunities


Short-term Programs

a. Life in Biblical Times and Life of Jesus are just two of the programs bringing the student to Nazareth Village, an authentically created first-century Jewish village and restored farm, where shepherds and farmers dressed in authentic clothing work using ancient techniques and tools. Nazareth Village provides the rare opportunity to step into the world of the prophets, Jesus and the apostles — a virtual time-capsule that puts flesh and bones on the Biblical text.

b. Historical Geography of Israel — a comprehensive regional study of the landscape of Biblical history — comes alive at many sites from Dan to Beersheba! At Kh. Qumran (pictured here), the student can visit the archaeological site of Qumran, a scroll cave, and the nature reserve that provided drinking water and support services to the community of the Scrolls. This dramatic region is but one of eight explored during this three week, intensive study program.

Historical Geography of Jordan introduces the student to the “land across the river,” where the two and a half tribes settled at the time of Joshua. It was an area that provided a home for prophets, a refuge for political fugitives, and a base of operations for Israel’s enemies throughout the Old and New Testament periods. No study of the historical geography of the Bible is complete without a visit to Jordan and its dramatic sites, including Petra, capital of the Nabataeans.

c. Beginning in Jerusalem and traveling to Asia Minor and Greece, the Travels of Paul program allows the student to follow in Paul’s footsteps, retracing the steps of the Apostle to the Gentiles from Jerusalem to Tarsus to Athens and beyond. At Caesarea Maritima (pictured here) the grandeur of the seat of Roman government is revealed, while a simple inscription connects the site with the imprisonment of Paul and his subsequent journey to Rome. “Would you have no fear of him who is in authority? Then do what is good and you will receive his approval” (Rom. 13:3).

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