Judah son of Jesus, Jesus son of Judah

Is it unusual to find a Jesus (“Jesus (?) son of Joseph”) and a “Judah son of Jesus” in a Talpiot tomb? What are the chances that there might be another one like this in Talpiot? Not too likely?

Until we find the next one, perhaps this one will suffice:

CJO 113 is inscribed in Greek: IHSOYS IOYD(OY), “JESUS SON OF JUDAH”; ornately chip-carved.

CJO 114 is inscribed in Greek: IHSOYS ALOTH, “JESUS, WOE” (according to Sukenik); plain, roughly dressed with crosses inscribed in charcoal on all four sides


Both are from a single tomb in Talpiot (published in Rahmani’s catalogue), located not far from the “Lost Tomb of Jesus.” What are the odds?!

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