The formal name of Jesus

Formal Names/Familiar Names

There are numerous examples of individuals in the literature and in the ossuaries who are ascribed both formal and familiar names according to the context in which the individual is addressed. [See the explanation in the article, “How do we solve a problem like Maria?“] As MARIA is the familiar form of the formal name MARIAM, as YOSEH/YOSIY is the familiar form of YEHOSEF, as MATIY/MATIYAH is the familiar form of MATITIYAH, as MARA is the familiar form of MARTHA, as CHONIY is the familiar form of YEHOCHANAN, YESHUA‘ is the standard familiar form of YEHOSHUA‘. (The placement of waw before shin, and not after it, follows the spelling of Joshua as found in the Biblical text.)


Yehoshua‘, the formal name of Yeshua‘

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