First Impressions are First Impressions, That’s All

The scientist can provide first impressions which can certainly be captured on film. However, these statements should not be presented or received as authoritative, final conclusions.

The interviews on the film were presented in the form of a request for an authoritative expert’s final opinion. However the expert was often not able to have first digested the results of his initial observations–to check his results further with his peers and additional data–in order to provide a more exact or guarded statement. Initial observations are just that. Final conclusions can only be achieved with the passage of time and more time in the lab and in the library.

Since the following experts consciously provided clarifications and suggested modifications to their quotations that were presented in the film, we can take that to mean that they have had time to think about what they were quoted to have said and are now progressing closer toward more accurate final conclusions.

In the film, the following statements were made:

Professor Francçois Bovon, specialist in ancient apocryphal texts, stated concerning the role of Mariamne whom he determined to be Mary Magdalene, (connected by the filmmakers with the ossuary identified as “Mariamene” from the Talpiot tomb), “Mariamne is the same woman as Mary of Magdala or Mary Magdalene in the synoptic Gospels and in some non-canonical texts like the Gospel of Mary, Pistis Sophia, etc.”


DNA Scientist Dr. Carney Matheson offered his decision concerning the DNA relationship between the “Jesus son of Joseph” ossuary and the assumed Mary Magdalene ossuary: “So for these particular samples, because they’ve come from the same tomb and we suspect it to be a familial tomb, these two individuals, if they were unrelated, would most likely be husband and wife.

Paleontologist Dr. Charles Pellegrino exclaimed that the patina tests between the “James the son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” ossuary and the “Jesus son of Joseph” ossuary were “A MATCH“.

Statistician Prof. Andrey Feuerverger’s conclusions: “Based upon the assumptions given to me, the odds are 600 to one in favor of this tomb being the family tomb of Jesus of Nazareth.

To see what they now are wanting to be “on record” as saying see:Cracks in the Foundation

Or more simply, just ask them.

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