Dr. Randall Buth
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Vice President, Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation 

Dr. Buth was trained in Israel in biblical languages and historical geography, before spending 28 years as a Bible translator & consultant for Wycliffe Bible Translators and United Bible Societies. He earned a PhD in Semitic Languages from UCLA in 1987, and moved to Israel in 1996 with his wife Margret.

He is the Founder and Director of the Biblical Languages Center in Israel, which works to promote and develop a living knowledge of Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic in order to fluently read and understand the Bible in its original languages and reproduce these skills in others.

Dr. Buth is a recognized voice in the academic field of biblical studies, linguistics, and discourse, and his pioneering work in the field has been an inspirational force for both the democratization and deepening of the study of biblical languages.