Shaun Bao
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Vice President of Program Development, Asia

Aisin Gioro Bao Shaun, a descendent of the Manchu imperial family that ruled China for 296 years (1616-1912), was born in a palace in mainland China. His distinguished heritage positioned Shaun to become an influential force in his native land, especially with regard to his Christian conviction. 

As a young adult, Shaun became a popular movie star, appearing in fifteen feature films in his early career. In the 1980s, Shaun left China for New Zealand where he experienced physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual brokenness. This experience led him to wholeheartedly embrace Christianity. 

With his life now on track, Shaun embarked on a business career in high polymer productions in the early 1990s. This business venture led to Shaun’s return to China and to his becoming a recipient of the prestigious Einstein Award. 

His renewed contact with China and his love for the people of his homeland caused Shaun to recognize the need for the gospel to be accessible to Mandarin-speakers. He published a groundbreaking harmony of the Life of Jesus in a side-by-side Mandarin and English edition. The first Mandarin “biography” of Jesus, it has reached hundreds of thousands of people.

In addition, Shaun has produced over 7,000 air hours of devotional programs for radio broadcast including nine hours of the audio drama “Story of the Messiah,” a chronological journey through the life of Christ.

Shaun holds leadership positions in key international organizations including President of CBMC (China), VP of FGBMFI, MD of ICCC (China) and President of CBA.

A highlight of his life was his return in October 2000 to the imperial “Temple of Heaven” where, dressed in emperor’s silk robes, he recited a song of trust in the one true God. His lineage from the royal family has given him stature and has opened doors to lead thousands to Jesus and to mentor believers in whatever venue he finds himself, be it in media, the market place or other professional capacities.

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