André Lemaire’s Statement

This is André Lemaire’s statement:

“Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your message.

The identification of the Talpiot tomb as the tomb of Jesus is mainly based on four arguments:

– the 10th missing ossuary should be the James ossuary

– the Greek name Mariamènon/Mariamènè is typical of Maria Magdalena

– the name YWSH is a rare name

– The DNA test shows that bone of the Mariamènon/Mariamènè ossuary have no family relation with that of the YShW‘ BR YHWSP ossuary.

During the conference, these four arguments were shown to be wrong while other contradicting facts have to be considered.

On the whole, it seems clear enough to me not only that the identification of the Talpiot tomb as the family tomb of Jesus is not probable or even likely but that it is very improbable.

André Lemaire

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