The now silent abused

"Science and archaeology are not intended to form, but inform, religion." Prof. James Charlesworth This is an acceptable view. The input from the specialists is absolutely essential for moving the process forward to better understand the setting and background of…

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One more nail in the Ossuary

The Third Princeton Symposium on Judaism and Christian Origins: Jewish Views of the After Life and Burial Practices in Second Temple Judaism: Evaluating the Talpiot Tomb in Context (Jan 13-16, 2008, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem) Throughout this conference, almost without exception,…

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UHL Degree Programs and Spring Courses

Degree Programs a. UHL’s student body is international, interdenominational and intergenerational. Students from diverse backgrounds can celebrate their graduation in first century dress in the authentically built, first century synagogue at Nazareth Village, a showcase for UHL’s archaeological and…

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