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1083-OL - Historical Geography of the Land of the Bible: Second Temple Period and New Testament

Credits - 3

This course surveys the historical and cultural geography of eight distinct regions of the Holy Land during antiquity. Issues in historical geography, natural history, archaeology, ancient texts, and anthropological models are explored. This course continues the work of the fall semester bringing the student into the Second Temple Period and the New Testament era. The Student Map Manual (R. Cleave) will be utilized, in conjunction with the University of the Holy Land’s unique guidebook.

Instructor: D. Liid, M.A.




1091-OL - The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Societies that Produced Them

Credits - 3

This course will focus on the interrelationship of the scrolls with the literature and the history of the centuries leading up to the First Jewish Revolt. The contents of the scroll collections from the Judean wilderness will be utilized to help reveal the rationale and ideologies of the persons or groups who left them in the caves. Thus, the individual collections of manuscripts will warrant close examination to learn what unites them, and more importantly, to discern distinctions among them. As a result, a clearer picture of Jewish sectarian activity in the Judean wilderness at the close of the Second Temple Period will emerge.

Instructor: S. Pfann, Ph.D.

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