UHL Projects and Research Opportunities

The University of the Holy Land offers unique opportunities for research in areas related to Biblical studies, archaeology, the Dead Sea Scrolls and daily life in the first century Jewish and Gentile worlds. Previous areas of research include:

  • Archaeological projects. Students participate in excavations, learning about archaeological methods and theory, and have a hands-on experience dealing with archaeological artifacts. Previous projects include the Nazareth Farm archaeological excavation. UHL is currently a leading member of the Mount Zion Archaeological Project.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls and the site of Khirbet Qumran, in collaboration with colleagues in Israel and abroad. Current projects include an on-line multimedia educational suite on the world of Second Temple Period Judaism and Early Christianity, as well as text critical editions of Biblical manuscripts. To that end, UHL has published articles and a translation of de Vaux's French field notes, as well as preparing a well-researched 3-dimensional model of Qumran and a concordance to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • The University has an archaeology laboratory and stores. The laboratory is used for the processing and scientific investigation of archaeological objects found in excavations and for the analysis of micro-artifact finds from floors and installations and sites. Flotation procedures are undertaken at the laboratory and pottery analysis and identification procedures are conducted with students. The stores are used for the storage of archaeological materials awaiting publication, and are maintained by a curator.