Financial Affairs

General Costs

The full-time student should expect to spend approximately $25,000 per year of study (tuition, room and board). This does not include airfare to and from Israel, books, or other incidental expenses that the student may incur.

Due to the current economic trends and escalating costs, it must be anticipated that the University of the Holy Land will be required to raise its fees annually, or at least intermittently, in the immediate future.

All fees are payable in US dollars or Israeli shekels. Payment of fees is due each semester by the first day of class. All fees must be paid prior to enrollment in subsequent terms of study.

Financial Aid

UHL provides a limited amount of financial aid to qualifying students in the form of scholarships, fellowships, tuition grants, and work-study programs. Interested students should request a financial aid application from the Admissions Office and present it to the Office of the Dean at their earliest opportunity. 

Degree candidates with special teaching and/or research skills, may be eligible for fellowship appointments in teaching and/or research. Fellows receive tuition grants and/or a small stipend. Fellows should anticipate that their appointment(s) would involve approximately 20 hours per week.

Continuing Registration

The semester fee is halved for students who have completed the standard degree course requirements and have only the completion of their thesis remaining. Such students are required to be enrolled in a directed study on their thesis topic and to participate in a graduate or doctoral seminar each semester until graduation. In addition, they are eligible to take an elective course. For further information see the Schedule of Fees.