Doctoral Dissertation

Language of the Doctoral Dissertation

The doctoral dissertation must be written in English. At the request of the student and with the approval of the supervisor, the Authority for Doctoral Students may approve writing the dissertation in another language, when:

  1. Referees in this field who read English cannot be found;

  2. The Advisory Committee decides, in view of the research material and its subject, that it is preferable that the doctoral dissertation be written in a foreign language;

  3. The student is from a non-English speaking country, is not sufficiently fluent in English in order to write a scientific paper independently, and intends to return to his mother country to engage there in professional activity. The student must be able to prove the value for future work of writing the dissertation in his mother tongue. In such cases, the student must work together with the Advisory Committee to find sufficient, qualified referees to guide the dissertation in the student’s mother tongue.

Dissertation that includes articles or chapters from book

A student, who takes a central part in a research project which is reported in articles or in chapters of a book, and who also participated actively in writing the articles or chapters, is entitled to include the articles or chapters, if they are directly related to the subject of the dissertation.


Plagiarism will disqualify the student from further study at the University of the Holy Land. The student will be subject to the laws governing plagiarism where the offense takes place. The student alone will bear the legal responsibility for the offense. Upon submission of the dissertation, the student is required to sign a statement attesting to the originality of the work and to proper citation of source materials.

Presentation of Doctoral Dissertation

A doctoral student, who has been registered for at least three years and has fulfilled all requirements set by the Authority for Doctoral Students, may submit the doctoral dissertation for evaluation.