Admission Requirements

Each department is authorized to decide on the process for determining the suitability of a candidate for a doctoral degree. The Authority for Doctoral Students must approve this process. However, a candidate will not be admitted as a doctoral student if he or she does not meet the following conditions: must hold a Master of Arts degree from the University of the Holy Land with a thesis and have obtained a minimum grade of 80 for course work and a minimum grade of 85 for the thesis.

Candidates from other institutions

A candidate who completed their required studies in another institution may be admitted as a doctoral student if they hold a diploma or academic degree and the level of achievement is equal to that of a candidate who studied at the University of the Holy Land, as specified above.

Preliminary doctoral student

A candidate whose qualifications fall slightly below the specified grade requirements; but, deemed capable of reaching the required level through further studies over a period not exceeding two years, may register as a "preliminary" doctoral student. A preliminary doctoral student follows a special program of studies with his/her supervisor.

The program will include preliminary, supplementary studies which the preliminary doctoral student must complete with a minimum grade of 80 and an accumulative average of 75 and/or with a written paper equivalent to a UHL master's thesis with a grade of 85. If the student is accepted at a later date as a doctoral student, this paper may be included as a chapter of his doctoral dissertation.

At the end of the period, the Authority for Doctoral Students will consider the candidate for admission as a doctoral student.