Doctoral Studies

Nature and Purpose

Acceptance as a doctoral candidate is reserved for those few individuals who are deeply committed to attaining a PhD and fully realize the commitment that is requisite to success. Following acceptance, the candidate is referred to as a doctoral student.

The program of studies includes:

  1. supplementary studies (including study of languages)

  2. doctoral dissertation

The doctoral dissertation is a research work which makes an original and significant contribution to the advancement of the selected area of concentration and is produced in accordance with the rules of structure, terminology and style typically expected by institutions for higher learning.

The Authority for Doctoral Students

The Authority for Doctoral Students is the highest academic body dealing with doctoral students at the University of the Holy Land. The Authority is responsible for the standard of doctoral dissertations and for controlling the level of instruction required for the doctoral students. The Authority shall strive for the development of excellence in doctoral studies and shall initiate steps to attract excellent students from among the students of the University of the Holy Land and other universities in Israel and abroad. The Authority will assist in the process of allocating scholarships and awards to doctoral students. Permanent members of the Authority include the President, Academic Dean and the student’s Department Chairperson.

The role of the Authority for Doctoral Students includes:

  • Approve proposals of doctoral topics, doctoral programs, supplementary studies and supervisors
  • Appoint Advisory Committees (see below)

  • Approve decisions of the Advisory Committees and hear appeals on these decisions

  • Monitor research progress

  • Terminate the studies of a doctoral student

  • Appoint referees for doctoral dissertations

  • Approve doctoral dissertations after discussion of the referees' written opinions

  • Propose amendments to the Regulations for Doctoral Students and assess progress