Programs of Study

Degree Programs

UHL offers the Master of Arts degree in several areas (see requirements for Master's programs):

  1. Biblical Studies and History: New Testament and Early Christianity
  2. Biblical Studies and History: Old Testament and Culture of Ancient Israel
  3. Biblical Studies and History: Intertestamental History and Literature
  4. Archaeology
  5. Intercultural Studies

The M.A. in Intercultural Studies includes a Bible Translation Concentration option. These degrees are considered preparatory for doctoral studies.

The Master of Divinity degree program provides a comprehensive program of study covering a wide range of general and specialized subjects at a graduate level, and is designed to prepare students for full-time pastoral ministry. The M.Div. is intended to complement a student’s preparation for ordination through their home denomination. (UHL is not a denominational seminary and does not ordain students.) 

In addition, the Master of Theological Studies is offered in the Department of Theological Studies. This degree is designed for students desiring a cross-cultural service experience in addition to their classroom studies. It is not considered preparatory for doctoral studies 

The University of the Holy Land offers doctorate degrees in a number of specialized fields of study (see requirements for Doctoral program).

Cooperative Programs

A number of cooperative programs have been established between the University of the Holy Land and other educational institutions including:

Junior Year Abroad Program

UHL encourages select undergraduate students desiring to experience the traditional Junior Year (or Semester) Abroad in the Holy Land to consider UHL’s program. Students are accepted on their ability to participate in graduate-level courses. Examinations and research reports are adjusted to an appropriate level. Course selection is made in consultation with the Academic Dean and the student’s home college or university.

Continuing Education (CE)

Continuing Education (CE) is available at UHL, on either an audit or for-credit basis. This program meets the needs of those who desire to study in the land of the Bible, often for personal enrichment, without pursuing a degree. The curriculum is chosen from current academic course offerings in consultation with the Academic Dean. Students may elect to study for the entire academic year or on a semester by semester basis. Students who study for one year and take a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester are eligible to receive a Certificate in Biblical Studies.

Candidates for the CE program must have completed high school. This program is particularly suitable for lay people who wish to establish a solid foundation for their personal study and enhance their ministry. (Continuing Education is not to be confused with the Continuing Registration Option for third-year or higher M.A. and M.Th.S. students or fourth-year or higher MDiv. and Ph.D. students.)

Preparatory (PREP) Program

For non-native English speakers who would like to pursue graduate studies in the Holy Land, UHL offers an intensive preparation program in the English language. This program provides full-time English study for one to two years. Incoming PREP Program students are given placement tests to determine the appropriate course level. PREP students may also take one to two academic courses per semester, pending approval from their Academic Advisor. Upon successful completion of the PREP Program, students may apply for the M.A., M.T.S., or M.Div. degree. 

Scholars' Sabbatical Program

UHL welcomes sabbatical scholars to spend a semester or year studying in the land of the Bible. Opportunity exists for sabbatical scholars to teach a full course or to lecture on an occasional basis. In addition, sabbatical scholars are invited to join the current Graduate Seminar and to interact with the large number of scholars in Jerusalem’s academic community. UHL will also provide introduction to local congregations and ministries.

Short-Term Studies

UHL is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism as an academic institution authorized to conduct intensive, short-term field-study programs. One, two, or three-week study tour options are available for academic credit. UHL makes every effort to work together with educational institutions and group leaders to design the course that best incorporates the special interests and needs of each individual group. Current itineraries are available upon request.

UHL’s regularly scheduled short-term programs include: Historical Geography in Israel (May-June); Historical Geography of Jordan (June, biannually); Bible Translators Program (June, biannually), Travels of Paul (July, biannually) and Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls "Summer Camp" (July-August, biannually).