A Word of Welcome from the President


Dear Potential Student,

Few places in the world can compare with the Holy Land as an ideal setting in which to study the Bible and the backgrounds of early Christianity. This is the land in which the Church was born and its topography and climate have remained nearly unchanged since Bible days. Though the Holy Land today is characterized by a multi-cultural, complex society, insights into the agrarian world of the Biblical drama can still be gained from observing traditional village and nomadic life. In addition, Jerusalem serves as a hub for Christian and Jewish scholars of international stature who live, work, study, and teach here. The impact of study in the land of the Bible will remain with dedicated students of the Bible throughout their lives.

The programs offered by the University of the Holy Land (UHL) endeavor to make the most of these unique opportunities. Specialized instruction in the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient documents, palaeography, ancient languages, archaeology, the anthropology of Biblical societies, and the history and phenomenology of pilgrimage offer the student a three-dimensional look into the world of the patriarchs, the prophets, Jesus, and the apostles. In addition, UHL's involvement in various archaeological and reconstruction projects provides the student the opportunity of a hands-on experience "in the field" as well.

We invite you to seriously consider the possibility of embarking on a life-changing journey to the land of the Bible, the land of your forefathers. Come join us at UHL where the land of the Bible is truly our classroom.

Stephen Pfann, Ph.D.
University of the Holy Land

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