25th Anniversary Celebration and Graduation 

UHL celebrated the 25th anniversary of its incorporation this June with two special events: an academic symposium held in Jerusalem on June 10th featuring renowned lecturers offering papers in their areas of expertise and the 25th anniversary celebration and graduation held on June 28th in the Nazareth Village Synagogue. These two events, attended by scholars, faculty, staff, students and friends of UHL, have been a fitting way to honor the occasion.

The 25th Anniversary Symposium Volume

Papers delivered at the June 10th Symposium will be published in a Festschrift marking the 25th Anniversary of the university and the 60th birthday of its founder, President Stephen Pfann. The contents will include (among others):

Dr. Loren Stuckenbruck, University of Munich: “4Q256: The Words of Michael”

Dr. Stephen Pfann: “The Widow’s Mite and the Acceptable Year of the Lord”

Dr. Shimon Gibson, Chair, Dept. of Archaeology, UHL: “The Jerusalem Ship: Archaeological Evidence for the Earliest Christian Pilgrimage to Jerusalem?”

Rev. Dr. William Broughton, UHL Board of Directors: "Reflections on the Occasion"

Dr. Youn-ho John Chung, Dean of Asian Students, UHL: “What is the Implication of the Term ציחק in Ex 32:6b?”

Dr. Jan Joosten, University of Strasbourg: “The God Iao and the Aramaic Substratum of the Septuagint”

Rev. Dr. Petra Heldt, Hebrew University/Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity/UHL: “John Chrysostom on Academic Excellence: The Key to the Future”

Dr. Curtis Hutt, University of Nebraska at Omaha: “Beyond Babel: The Role of the Christian University in Jerusalem”

The 25th Anniversary Celebration and Graduation

A festive celebration was held at Nazareth Village on June 28th, marking the graduation of eight students. Six Masters of Arts were awarded; one Master of Theological Studies, and one Master of Divinity. This is the first M.Div. to be conferred at UHL. In spring 2012, UHL became a member of KAICAM. Ordination of UHL M.Div. graduates can be now carried out under KAICAM's auspices.