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About the University of the Holy Land

The University of the Holy Land is a graduate-level academic institution and research center located in the land of the Bible. It is coordinated and administered by a group of Christian scholars, subscribing to the historic Christian faith, and offers an in-depth examination of the origins and milieu of the early Christian Church.

UHL's corporate charter expresses its purpose as follows:

  • To provide an academic study environment, known as the University of the Holy Land, in which an individual can explore the origins of the Christian faith; and, by the fulfillment of a requisite study program, receive a degree certifying such performance;
  • To provide an inter-faith, inter-denominational research center coordinated by Christian scholars in Jerusalem;
  • To provide a well-balanced education in both Jewish and non-Jewish resources for the study of early Christianity, while maximizing the Jewish matrix from which early Christianity originated and developed;
  • To promote the study of Biblical languages and literature of early Christianity.

Our "classroom" is the land of the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles; students pursue their graduate studies in this rich array of Biblical geography, holy history, and spiritual pilgrimage. UHL is pleased to provide this unique opportunity for scholars to engage in its unparalleled programs.

The University of the Holy Land aims to provide an environment in which a student can explore the foundations of their faith, particularly with regard to the Jewish backgrounds of Christianity. UHL's objective is to equip students to be better teachers, communicators of the scriptures, and pastors, through understanding the Bible in its historical, geographical, and cultural context, offering academic and field courses at the graduate level of study.

Graduate education for any person wishing to serve the Christian community-at-large is not a luxury: it is a necessity. Undergraduate theological studies serve to ground a person in their faith, set them on their way to maturity and establish a degree of self-discipline and motivation. Our task is to help those pursuing graduate studies to use the tools and knowledge acquired in undergraduate studies to become “critical” thinkers: able to ask the appropriate questions, assess the available data, and communicate well-founded answers.

UHL is accredited through the Asia Theological Association.